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From Golden Fiber to Diamond Fiber

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Background: Recently, a news article has been published with the title - "Jute is The Golden Fiber no more, it is The Diamond Fiber". The article was published at the front page at 10 December 2005 in The Daily Janakantha, a prominent news daily in Bangladesh. The total article was published in Bangla with an interview with Mushtaq Hussain, Managing Director of The Golden Fibre Trade Centre Limited (GFTCL). This blog represents the translated version of this article in The Daily Janakantha submitted by Kawsar Rahman (The headings are fabricated for better reading)

Bangladeshi jute is no longer "The Golden Fiber" in the international market. It is steadily emerging as "The Diamond Fiber". For the non-government initiatives, the demand of jute is experiencing rapid growth in the international market; despite the non-cooperative role by the government. For the dedicated effort of a young jute-lover, the Bangladeshi jute is now being widely used in BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, and all other famous brands in the automobile manufacturing industry. Jute is now being used in construction, textile, insulation, geotextile, health care, footwear, electronics industry, and even in computer outer board manufacturing industry. If we can enter these diversified markets, then the eco-friendly Jute can once again reign the international market.

Research on Diversified Jute products and its commercial implementation

It was revealed from an investigation that, the Diversification of Jute has been researched for decades at home (Bangladesh) and abroad. Bangladesh Jute Research Institute (BJRI) also was able to invent some new and Diversified Jute Products. But, most of the researches were filed as projects and they were never commercially implemented. But, many countries have been successful in utilizing their Diversified Jute Products research using Jute fiber from Bangladesh. China has been successful in making apparel products from Jute. China now manufactures high quality jeans, fabric for shirts, and body towels made from Jute. Due to quota restriction by the US to import Chinese Apparels made from cotton, China has diverted their attention to jute products.

The Use of Jute in the Automobile Industry

The biggest success came from the research lab of Manchester University in USA. From the success of this research, jute has entered the automobile, construction, paper and pulp, insulation, geotextile, health care, footwear, aeronautics, computer & electronics exteriors, marine & sports products manufacturing industries. Currently, 20 kgs of jute is being used per car in the western countries. The manufacturers of BMW, Mercedes Benz, ODI, Ford in Europe; GM Motors in USA; Toyota and Honda in Japan are enthusiastically using jute in their cars. BMW has made "Green Car", which is made from Jute. The demand for these "Green Cars" are huge. Therefore, the demand of jute is also rising. If jute can sneak into the annual production of 56 Million cars manufactured worldwide, then jute will never see bad days again. The automobile industry will solely consume 150,000 to 200,000 Ton of raw jute per year.

The Use of Jute in Other Industries

Jute is also being used as insulation materials for construction. Insulation Mat made from jute is being widely used between two walls in the western countries. Jute is also being used to manufacture non-woven mats, which is widely being used in roof materials, furniture, and sleeping mattresses. Computer and electronics exteriors or casing are being manufactured by chemically modifying jute.

Words from Mushtaq Hussain

For a decade, Mushtaq Hussain of The Golden Fibre Trade Centre Limited (GFTCL) has been researching on the diversified use of Jute. For his die hard commitment to make jute attain its past glory; the jute of Bangladesh has secured its place in new markets in the western world. Steadily ,Jute is turning from "Golden Fiber" to "Diamond Fiber".

In this regard, Mushtaq Hussain mentioned that, most of us are dealing with Traditional Jute Products. The Diversified Use of Jute is widely heard, but no one actually have been successful in commercially implementing the ideas. Moreover, the Government is also playing an idle role. He has also mentioned that, he has been trying hard to identify how Jute can be used in diversified sectors. He has developed some ideas. He is also studying how the importers are using jute. He has spent a large amount of funds for researching Jute Products and its Market. From findings, he has realized that, the future of Jute Fiber is very bright. Jute will not remain Golden Fiber anymore, it will become Diamond Fiber. Our new generation will witness this fact very soon. Because, China has already been successful in Jute Research. China is successfully manufacturing jeans, apparel fabrics, and towels from Jute. He has managed to bring back some jeans and towels made form jute from China.

Mushtaq Hussain has also mentioned that, the environmental issue is the top issue through out the world. The European Union has decided to ban the products that can not be recycled or extinguished. Therefore, the European Automobile Industry has faced a new challenge. Annually 56 Million cars are being manufactured in the world, among them 16 Million are produced in Europe. For many days, Fiber Glass was widely used in the door pannel of the cars. But, many recycling and extinguishing parties found it very troublesome to recycle and extinguish the Fiber Glass products. Therefore, they have started to make door panels with Flax. But, flax fiber is very expensive and is not widely available.

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